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The 3M wired and wireless intercom systems provide a variety of customizable communications capabilities. 3M intercoms are easy-to-use and deliver clear, reliable communications for increased sales and customer service. In addition,
3M intercoms provide a means of communication to help meet safety and security needs.

We can help you keep your drive-thru running smoothly and efficiently through clear communication between your employees and your customers. 3M is a trusted global brand leader in the Food Service business for more than 20 years with headset intercom systems that enhance your customers’ experience and help increase productivity through:

• Advanced and consistent product sound clarity and reliability

• Customizable single and multi-lane configurations

• Comprehensive customer support


Check out the new G5 Headset System here!

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Click here to see a downloadable .pdf of our pricing for the new G5 Headset System

A 3M G5 Headset

Drive-thru Equipment Leasing Program

3M has partnered with PCC to provide financing options for your drive-thru communications equipment customers.  PCC has over 20 years of experience and expertise in financing the cost of purchasing drive-thru equipment including delivery and installation.  Over the years, PCC has financed many 3M drive-thru communication systems. Interested? Just fill out the 3M payment program customer information form!

Full 100% Financing on all services including:









Why Lease? 3M Payment Program Customer Info Form

 For more information contact Steve in the A.V.C. Department

Phone: (800)-966-0106  or

Email: sales@skaleast.com


For the 3M Headset page, click this box!

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Drive-thru Equipment Leasing Program