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Never grab another dead battery again!

You asked and 3M answered, the new batteries for the G5 Headsets now show what percent the battery

is at. With this new feature you can make

sure to never grab a dead battery again!

Click below to download our

3M XT-1 Headset for sale and repairs xt-1 headset repairs dunkin donuts skal new england 3M C1060 headset for sale refurbished and repairs c1060 headset repairs dunkin donuts skal new england

Used with 3M Wireless Communication Base Station Package, Model XT-1, it offers superior sound clarity, advanced noise reduction and headset prompts designed to improve your communications with customers and keep your team operating at an efficient rate.

We sell new and refurbished versions of this digital headset system, and repair any problems you may encounter while using this product.

The C1060 is an analog headset by 3M. At SKÄL East, we sell refurbished C1060 headsets and the C1060 base. At SKÄL East, we also offers repairs on the C1060 headset and C1060 base.

c1060 base baord 3M Headsets

The New and Improved
G5 Headset System
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Drive-Thru Equipment Leasing Program

3M has partnered with PCC to provide financing options for your drive-thru communications equipment customers.  PCC has over 20 years of experience and expertise in financing the cost of purchasing drive-thru equipment including delivery and installation.  Over the years, PCC has financed many 3M drive-thru communication systems. Interested? Just fill out the 3M payment program customer information form!

Full 100% Financing Including on all services including:









 For more information contact Steve in the A.V.C. Department

Phone: (508)-238-0106  or

Email: sales@skaleast.com

Phone: (508)-238-0106  or

Email: steveo@skaleast.com

Interested in buying this product? Talk to Steve today!

Phone: (508)-238-0106  or

Email: steveo@skaleast.com

Interested in buying this product? Talk to Steve today!

Why Lease? 3M Payment Program Customer Info Form G5 Headset System Pricesheet 3m logo call for info repairs 3m logo 3m lofo 3M G5 Headset Charging Station xt-1 headset repairs dunkin donuts skal new england

The first-of-its-kind integrated G5 headset storage and battery charging station lets you charge up to 5 headsets while they’re being stored. Removing the battery is optional, eliminating steps to charge while improving productivity and inventory control. Mount it
on a wall, shelf, or table for easy access!