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24/7 Number: (508) 238-0106 Fax: (508) 238-5273

131 Padelford Street
Berkley, MA 02779

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SKÄL East Inc.’s expert sales team is trained on product operations, capabilities and cost effectiveness for all lines that we represent. Quick to respond, and reliable, we will stay with you every step of the way through your purchase. Our sales team can be reached at any time during the day. Just call our 24 hour number, and you will be in contact with one of our sales specialists.

To see a list of products we sell, visit our equipment page by clicking here!

Not sure which sales team member to talk to? Contact Sales@skaleast.com

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SKÄL East Inc.’s showroom is open for the public. We have all sort of products we sell and service available for you to examine and test. We will always have someone here, ready to answer questions you have about the products in the showroom.

(If you plan on visiting, please call us ahead of time to make an appointment.)

steveo steve obrien skal sales steveo@skaleast.com Mail: dlevesque@skaleast.com